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KS Gruppen A/S – Airport Service is a Danish based company specialized in development, design and sale of high-quality baggage and passenger handling equipment for the airport industry, at railway stations, in shopping centers, hotels, libraries and all other places where the customers need the best service.
Our product range includes a large variety of land- and airside luggage trolleys, some of which have been developed specially for use in the international airports transit and shopping areas.
Timeless Danish Design, sturdy construction with long life time, low maintenance costs, compact storage and high user-friendliness are some of the key characteristics for our products.
Today we have several large international airports and shopping center chains amongst our customers, just as we have supplied special designed products to customers all over the world.
Please contact us for more information on how we can help you providing the best service to your customers when it comes to solutions on wheels.

KS Gruppen A/S – Airport Service 
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